Contact Center, IVR & Robo-Calls.

ConnecTel Suite: Best Contact Center Solutions Provider for your business in Pakistan. Our ConnecTel Suite, is a server based and cloud based solution built on leading Asterisk.Net Library / Asterisk and Digium telephony platforms. Digium® is the innovative force behind Asterisk®, the open source telephony platform; Asterisk is a software development platform that powers IP PBX systems, VoIP gateways, conference servers and more. Our Contact Center solution can be integrated with any 3rd Party CRM’s.

This new product release offers better functionality, features, user interfaces and more connectivity options to increase contact center’s operational efficiency and productivity.

IVR: Is an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) software. It can run IVRs for multiple campaigns simultaneously running on different telephony platforms. It is also capable of scheduling campaigns like when should a campaign should start/end etc. It has features for verbalizing date, time, currency and alphanumeric in multiple languages. The flow of the IVR can be programmed by users as needed, by implementing an interface. Users can also run their campaigns on other telephony platforms by implementing an interface.

Robo-Call’s: Vary fast and easy to use, an automated phone call solution basically spread a pre-recorded voice message to the customers. Our automated phone call solution basically spread a pre-recorded voice message to the customers and it can be used for many things like call explode, reminders, follow-ups, event-based calls, and feedback, political parties campaign messages.



Our high level of technical knowledge & our experience allows us to conclude SLA’s dream of by many other competitors. We provide you a complete set of support services. Our Team always available for you to facilitate you, We can give 24/7 Remote Support




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